parents & families

With over 20 years combined experience in education, parenting, business and personal development, Natalie's depth of knowledge and supportive guidance reaches beyond the parenting world, and includes relationships, mental and physical well-being, and personal growth.

With a background in psychology, business, education and a thorough personal developmental study of the mind, body and higher faculties, Natalie's extensive expertise has been wonderfully niched to support moms, parents and women all over the world.

Meeting the needs of those open to expand their awareness and transform aspects of their lives, it's certain you'll find a workshop and topic that will help you evolve your family.  

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Parents: Join The Village

organizations & corporations

The most progressive companies put their employees well-being first, and for good reason. Our homelife impacts all other areas of our lives; balancing mental health, relationships and family responsibilities with the demands of work can be challenging.

Natalie offers a variety of workshops to choose from and all are designed to support employees with the guidance and tools to help create balance and well-being.

Learn more about increasing the productivity and well-being of your company and community. 

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teachers & school communities

Over the years, educators have learned through neurobiological development and science that the pedagogy of education and learning has evolved greatly.

These workshops are designed to support students, educators and parents in understanding and learning the social emotional skills that contribute to the overall well-being and academic success. Creating an inclusive and welcoming community is what will support the overall betterment of students, teachers and families. 

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media & speaking

Live Events, Workshops, Corporations and Media

Impactful speaking for small and large groups, corporations and the media.

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