Parents, in just a few weeks you will:

  • Learn tools to go from a reactive state to a thoughtful and responsive way of being with your loved ones
  • Know exactly what to say to your children, spouse and in-laws in challenging situations
  • Become confident in your decisions as a parent
  • Learn how to have a peaceful, loving, calm family dynamic - on your terms
  • Learn how to establish core family values that are aligned with your ideals
  • Become a consciously calm parent who is open to breaking generational cycles with ease

Self Study Core Training

As soon as you sign up, you will access the core video training that guides you through the steps of Empower Your Parenting framework. You’ll learn how to create your simple but powerful shifts so that you know what to do every day to parent with confidence and ease. 

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Supplemental Materials

You’ll also receive supplementary content such as checklists, workbooks, printable planners, templates, and examples of how I structure my own daily activities. Essentially everything you need to be able to see your state go from overwhelm to calm.

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A Special Offer for you

As a student of this program, you will enjoy a special rate for my 90-day Transformational program where you will get 1:1 coaching calls to help you deepen your knowledge and integrate the tools you've learned into your daily parenting routine. 

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Build a joyful family dynamic on your terms.

Hi, I'm Natalie, a Certified Parenting Coach, speaker, author, educator and mom to two awesome super-strong willed kids. I help overwhelmed parents go from surviving to thriving, and bring ease & joy into their lives.

The Empower Your Parenting program is an introduction to awakening your parenting. It is for the parent who wants to break generational cycles of parenting patterns/paradigms that no longer support you and your family.

I will guide you through a powerful and proven 4-Pillar process, to help you build the foundation for a consistent shift in your family life that will impact generations to come.

Join me through this journey to learn how to confidently make parenting choices based on your values, with ease and grace.


Introduction & Overview

You’ve tried so many different strategies and something still isn’t working. In this module we’ll talk about the dilemma parents face, the struggle to find what works and how my proven 4 Pillar Process will help you become a consciously calm parent.

Foundation & Paradigms

We’ll touch on the different parenting styles and what I refer to as your default parenting style, and how this leads to the internal struggle.

We’ll discuss why parents have impulsive reactions such as yelling, getting angry or shutting down and feeling hopeless, and the stressful impact it has on you and your family.

Pillar 1: Awareness

Our subconscious programming will resurface as we parent our own families, especially during difficult times. Even with our most loving efforts, unless we work through triggers and frustrations, our autonomic system will get overwhelmed, often having us resort to old parenting patterns.

You will learn how to step into becoming a consciously calm parent while moving past subconscious blocks that may be holding you back.

Pillar 2: Acceptance

In this module, you will come to see that although you may be perfectly imperfect, it’s exactly what your family needs to see: YOU. The real you, authentic and sincere and loving. In this module we’ll tap into self-compassion, which will allow you to break generational cycles.

I will guide you to parent without the struggle and overwhelm.

Pillar 3: Acknowledge

Acknowledgement is the gateway to releasing any triggers and tension. In this module we will dive into reframing and how it is key in helping you to develop an identity capital of yourself as the parent you’ve always envisioned. 

We’ll discuss why parents have impulsive reactions such as yelling, getting angry or shutting down and feeling hopeless, and the stressful impact it has on you and your family.

Pillar 4: Accountability

In this last Pillar you will discover the easiest and best ways to be accountable and maintain integrity with your vision of being a calm, conscious parent.

It begins with you, but it doesn’t mean you need to do it alone. Keeping yourself in check with inspiration and support will allow you to keep empowering your parenting.



Putting it all together &
Practice makes progress

You are now equipped with the tools and strategies to empower your parenting.

With this new-found knowledge learned from the 4 Pillars, you can successfully apply it with agility. In this module we will cover what that looks like so you can access these tools even in the toughest parenting moments.

Investment for You and Your Family $249

Meet Natalie

Natalie Syrmopoulos is a Certified Connected Parenting© coach, speaker, educator, Internal Family Systems facilitator, best-selling author, and the founder of the Evolving Families Summit - an online series that has supported thousands of families to bring more peace and joy into their homes.

"When I became a mom, my life turned upside down. Even though I immersed myself in parenting books, had the experience of being a teacher and the foundational pedagogy around childhood, becoming a mother came with challenges I didn’t anticipate."

Life throws at us what it will…. we can either choose to fight and fix or we can choose to learn and EVOLVE. Since having kids, I’ve tried the former with little success. I have two extremely strong-willed (Gladiator) kids who have a lot of energy, and it can be exhausting and stressful! I was often struggling with the girls and then my health started to take a toll: in early 2019, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

I came to the realization that I needed to make a difference for myself, my family and for my health. The first shift was in my mindset, and it started with a particular moment that ignited a change in the trajectory of my life."

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