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Parents always say: “Can you just come live with us?”

... this is the next best thing!


It takes a Village... Welcome to yours.

A Place for Parents to Practice, Connect, Support and Grow!

Do you ever feel like your kid is the only one misbehaving?

Have you ever been stuck on what to say to your child to fully connect?

Are there nagging issues that continue to surface and you're struggling to solve them?

Have you ever wondered if you are Mirroring Authentically?

The Village is a unique experience, facilitated by Connected Parenting Practitioner, which is designed for you to build the neuropathways to authentically Mirror and fully connect with your loved ones.

"Each week I get so many great ideas and tips and reminders of how to reset things.  Just wanted to say thanks so much to you and Zoe and Natalie and the other facilitators - the parenting village has been one of the most useful supports we have encountered in our parenting journey this year."

-Gita, mom of two

"The weekly Parenting Playground call has been the rock I needed to lean on for advice, how-to, and practice for mirroring, connecting and self-parenting too!
Also hearing other parents share their struggles as well as their wins gives me hope and energy to keep at it! Thanks Natalie and Zoe, please keep doing what you're doing, it works!"

-Manal, mom of two teens

"I love the sense of collaboration and community that we all have together. We all help each other out and make each other feel good, which is a real gift to each other."

-Adrienne, mom of two girls

Connection with your Community Every. Single. Week.

  • Individual coaching and counseling costs around $200 per session
  • 4 sessions a month = $800
  • The Village is yours for a fraction of that cost
  • You get weekly coaching support in a warm community for less than $25 a week!
  • We often spend way more than that on dance, or art or sports 
  • This is a valuable investment in your family that will last a lifetime.
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What to Expect from The Village:

1) Coaching + Support

  • Expert suggestions and ideas directly from a Connected Parent Practitioner 

  • A supportive group who know parenting can be difficult

  • A safe space where you can share the issues affecting you everyday

  • A place where you can find solutions to challenges specific to you and your family

  • A community where you can be open and speak of the often unspoken stresses of parenting

  • A village of people who really get the difficulties of ‘gladiator’ kids

  • Get proven and insightful strategies that truly work with “gladiators”

2) Community + Resources

  • A library of videos of Jennifer showing you exactly what to say and do with your child in certain situations

  • A community who is understanding of the challenges a ‘gladiator’ kid presents

  • A humble and welcoming place where you will never be judged or shamed; we’re all in this together

  • Parents from around the world that you can lean on and learn from

  • A group with other like-minded parents who share wins, challenges, are open, honest, and ask questions 

3) Consistency + Accountability

  • Rewiring the brain and nervous system takes some practice!

  • This is the place where you can work on these new skills weekly

  • A safe, caring community where you can get in the front seat (if you wish) and rewire your automatic reactions into thoughtful responses

  • Learn how to support your kids on a regular, consistent basis so you can see results

  • A community who shares what they are working on each week, so that we can keep each other inspired, motivated and supported

You are not alone... together, we got this.

Friday at 1pm (ET)

Only $99

  • Four 1-hour live Zoom sessions per month
  • Customized Role Playing practice with other parents
  • Work through challenges most important to you and your family
  • Neurobiological strategies and techniques shared to rewire old patterns in parenting
  • Join a welcoming and caring community
  • Direct support with coaching from a Connected Parenting Practitioner
Join This Community: Be Part of The Village
"Connected Parenting is a life ring that keeps parents afloat in the darkest times. My husband and I we were drowning trying to parent our gladiator son who was so angry and raw. Whatever we tried, with the best of intentions, seemed to pull us down deeper. Finding Jennifer and Connected Parenting was a turning point and joining The Village was the game changer. We have come so far as a family and our son, still a gladiator, is finding joy and navigating challenges that push his edge but don’t explode it. During our Village call today I witnessed another parent catch the life ring Natalie tossed. It is such a revelation to realize you aren’t alone in your struggles and that you don’t have to defend yourself or your child from judgement. You just get pulled on board, given a warm blanket, and gently steered in the right direction."

- Liza, mom of teen

The Village has the professional support that you need!

Hosted over zoom, this is an exclusive chance to practice the Connected Parenting CALM technique with the support of a Connected Parenting team member. In these weekly sessions, you have the option to challenge yourself by participating in active role-playing with other parents. Or you can participate at your pace. 

This is a safe place where you can get the support you need with the issues that are effecting you. 

It’s easy to listen and read about all the ways the CALM technique will help build a strong connection with your child, but it can be more challenging than you think. This is your chance to practice, and master the CALM technique and Mirroring!

Designed to help you build neuropathways to ensure you can use the CALM Technique with ease, you'll enjoy being part of this unique and welcoming community.

Here's what parents are saying... 


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