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I've been helping 1000's of parents all over the world to transform their relationships by bringing ease & joy into their families' lives: and helping parents go from surviving to thriving.

I can show you how.

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Are you a Pleaser or Rigid Parent?

This free quiz will help you to discover your default parenting style and the subconscious, go-to strategies you tap into.

Explore the awareness around your triggers when raising your kiddos.

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Free: Morning Journal Routine

Journaling can be such a transformational practice, which is why I'm sharing my most powerful daily journaling prompts with you.

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Release Your Triggers: 5 Days of Guided Meditation

Five days of supportive, free meditations specifically designed for parents in mind. Bring calm to the chaos, in your mind, heart and soul.

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Hey Parents, ....does this sound like you?

Feeling tired, overwhelmed, and exhausted from the never ending demands of parenthood? 

Kids aren't listening, everyday is a struggle and you're tired of trying strategies that just don't seem to work?

I get it. There were so many days that I felt frustrated and defeated - especially with my super strong-willed, big emotion, defiant kid! 

I'm Natalie, a Certified Connected Parenting Coach© and mom to two incredibly fascinating kids. But it wasn't always this way. I struggled. They struggled. We all struggled. Then, something profound happened that changed the trajectory of our lives. Read my story here.

I now help clients all over the world enjoy parenting again, especially those with strong-willed kids. See what my clients are saying.

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