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Magnetic Mama Mindset Workshop

Attract the family life you've always wanted and evolve your way of parenting.

Coming Soon


Magic Routine: 3 Simple Steps 

Learn the 3 Key Components for creating a long-lasting routine that will change your life

Coming Early 2024


Loving Limits & Boundaries Masterclass

Learn how to set boundaries and create loving limits so you can parent without losing your sanity!

Coming Soon


ReDiscover Me: A Self-Care Workshop 

5 things you need to do to get back to you (before you became a mom) 

Coming February 2024

Easy-Breezy, Stress-free summer

Learn simple things you can do to create a joyful and easy summer for you AND your kids! 

There are only 18 summers with our kids... let's make this one as enjoyable as can be while keeping your sanity!

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Nourish Your Soul Workshop 

Discover Self-Care Strategies for the Hectic Holiday Season

This workshop will be back later this year

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Workshop and Education Topics

Anxiety and Mental Well-Being: One in 5 children suffer from mental health issues - and the number keeps growing. How to help your child reduce anxiety and build resilience with some of the biggest stressors we face today. 

Neurobiology of Parenting: Understand how the mind and the body can work together to support your parenting and family’s emotional needs and the one thing you can do that will make all the difference.

Connected Parenting 101: Learn the basics of this life-changing and often counter-intuitive parenting approach that transforms and strengthens the family bond.

Increase Cooperation at Home: Improve listening, build more connection and create peace. Getting our kids involved in “real” life experiences builds them for success. Discover how to “practice” real life with your kiddos now. 

From Angry Parental Rage to the Calm Eye of the Storm: Ever Feel like you’ve just had enough? You’re doing all the things but you still seem to get triggered and easily frustrated! Here’s the good news - your neurobiology was conditioned to be hyper reactive and angry. These 4 steps will help you reach Calm.

Reparenting Ourselves: Discover the foundational ways to breaking generational cycles and create the family you’ve always envisioned. Build upon strategies that maintain the momentum in this life-long journey with caring support.

Generational Differences: Bridging the gap between how you were parented and how you’d like to parent your kids. Learn how to confidently handle unsolicited opinions and feedback from past generations and other parenting styles that aren’t in alignment with yours.

Comparison Syndrome: How to recognize when this is helping or hindering your parenting. Build confidence, increase inspiration and learn how to let go of what others may think or say (including your own inner critic).

Relieve Parental Anxiety and Stress: Replace unhealthy and inauthentic coping mechanisms with new strategies that help you manage stress and anxiety. Adversity is a great resilience builder if we learn how to manage it well.

Understanding Big Feeling + Oppositional Kids (who we lovingly call Gladiator Kids): If you know, you know - these kids are soooo much work and it can be an extremely stressful parenting journey.  These tools will help you navigate these often tumultuous waters with compassion, firmness and confidence.

Setting Boundaries (moms): Mamahood is the most in demand job that often suggests a level of selflessness and people pleasing. Learn how to set boundaries, communicate what you want, take care of your needs and manage the guilt that often comes with being a parent.

Fathers: How we can celebrate and encourage ALL dads to be better dads. Fun dad? Strict dad? Busy dad? No matter what kind of dad kids can, moms can play a pinnacle role in this dynamic that will transform your family (and father) for the better.

Oppositional Parenting: Are there times where you and your partner (or in laws, etc) parent in different ways? These mixed signals can be confusing for kids and frustrating for adults. Learn how to come together in peace and show up as a united front for your family.

Setting Loving Limits and Boundaries (for kids): Learn the neurological and developmental reasons why this can be one of the toughest things to do as a parent. And learn why it is absolutely necessary that we have loving limits for our kids. You'll learn what to do when they push back (because they will), plus you'll know what to say and do when you and your partner don't see eye to eye.

Parents have BIG emotions - we’re human Too: Ever lose your cool? Ever get triggered by your children (or partner)? We’re human and sometimes we lose it!! Learn how to best support your reparenting journey, self-regulate and forgive yourself and/or your partner. 

The “Couples Shift”: Adjusting to the Change after becoming a Parent:
How to continue to be a partner who is supportive and understanding, after going through this life long change, and often challenging job called parenting.

Stress-Free Summers: We only have 18 summers with our kiddos… let’s make the most of it without going insane!! Learn the 5 tips that will help you have an easy-breezy summer.

Back to School Success: Big transitions usually bring up BIG emotions. Help keep the mental well-being of your family a priority during these changes while setting them up for a successful school year. Learn how to fall back into routines, with ease.

Rediscover-Me Self-Care Workshop: Mamas often lose their sense of self after motherhood or perhaps after their kids are all grown up and leaving the “nest”. Learn the 5 things you need to do to get back to you (the you before you became a mom) while integrating them into your daily life now.

Magnetic Mama Mindset: We all have 5 senses AND we all have 6 higher faculties (that work in spiritual unison with the natural laws of the universe). Learn how to tap into these gifts in an effort to attract and  create the family life you’ve always wanted. Evolve your way of parenting and transform your family’s life to create peace and joy.

Managing Meltdowns: Shifting our parental perspective allows us to understand big feelings with neutrality and build life-long emotional regulation skills. You will learn the Magic Mirror Method to reduce tantrums, while self-regulating and co-regulating your kids to a place of calm.

Morning and Nighttime Routines: Supporting our kids with the two biggest transitions every day takes a lot of patience and a couple of strategies. Learn tools to best support these often overwhelming times of the day.

Screen Time Battles: Understand the impact on your child’s mental health, learn how to shift these patterns, and what to say when the pushback happens! Plus, how to handle your partner’s different view point.

Sibling Rivalry: “Don’t worry, kids always fight!” If you want to create a new “norm” in your family that helps siblings reduce conflict, learn to calmly negotiate and play peacefully, then following these steps can make a lasting and lifelong change in your kids. 

Building your Child’s Self-Esteem: Learn the counter-intuitive way to validate your child, boost up their confidence level and tune into their sense of Self. Parents have an opportunity to wire their child's neurology, learn how to do that affectionately and effectively.

Neurodivergent Kids: When our kids' brains work differently, our parenting needs to be different too. ADHD, Gifted and Big Feeling Kids have a lot to offer, if we can parent in a way that best supports our kids. 

Divorce and Separation: Putting kids first is easier said than done during these very trying times. Learn how to best support your child (and yourself) with what you can control, while creating peace. 

Oppositional Kids: Parenting can be a tough gig, but when you have a child who is defiant, oppositional and relentlessly negotiates, it is exhausting!  These super-strong-willed children are capable of being great human beings, if we can manage to keep our sanity while parenting them - and I’ve got three tips to support you.

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