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Are you tired of trying different parenting techniques but still feeling like you're spinning your wheels?

Ever feelĀ overwhelmedĀ or frustrated with your child?

Whether you are tired, overwhelmed or feeling like you're in survival mode it's easy to get triggered by your child...

Please know, you've come to the right place.

Based on the latest research, we designed a free quiz to help you discover your "default parenting style". Our adaptive technology will personalize the experience based on your previous answers.

TakeĀ theĀ quizĀ below to get insight into your subconscious parenting and go-to reactionary state. This information coupled with where you are in your parenting journey now, will empower you to take action.

This is the first step to makeĀ a difference for you and your family.

discover your default parenting style

Take the quiz to discover your parenting style and understand how it affects everyone in your family.

About Natalie

Hon. BA Psychology, BA Edu., DBT & IFS Therapy

Natalie Syrmopoulos is a certified Connected ParentingĀ© coach & educator, Internal Family Systems facilitator, best-selling author, and the founder of theĀ Evolving Families Summit;Ā an online series that has supported thousands of families to empower their parenting.

Natalie works closely with parents and families to help create calm, peaceful homes, and thriving relationships. By gently working through emotional dysregulation, anger, anxiety and conditioned trauma, parents are able to raise kids who listen, feel validated and are able to manage big emotions.

Learn more about how you can build resilience, emotional agility, and conscious awareness within your family, and bring ease and joy into your home.