Morning Journal Routine

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hey Mama,

Do you know that journalling is one of my secret super tools that helps me to constantly create ease and joy in my life and home?

Journalling can be such a transformational practice, which is why I'm sharing my most powerful daily journalling prompts with you.

There are so many benefits of starting the day with an intentional journalling practice:

  • Integrate a practice that deepens the neurobiological benefits of starting your day right
  • Simplify asking yourself the RIGHT Questions
  • Invite a deeper connection within yourself
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm
  • Cathartically release emotional tension
  • Be mindful and present
  • Authentically align your goals with your values
  • Carve out time that prioritizes you
  • Empowers you to organize your day thoughtfully

You matter too mama.

Morning Journal

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Hi, I'm Natalie

When I became a mom, my life turned upside down. Even though I immersed myself in parenting books, had the experience of being a teacher, and the foundational pedagogy around childhood, becoming a mother came with challenges I didn’t anticipate.

Life throws at us what it will…. we can either choose to fight and fix or we can choose to learn and EVOLVE. Since having kids, I’ve tried the former with little success. I have two extremely strong-willed (Gladiator) kids who have a lot of energy, and it can be exhausting and stressful! I was often struggling with the girls and then my health started to take a toll: in early 2019, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

I came to the realization that I needed to make a difference for myself, my family and for my health. The first shift was in my mindset, and it started with a particular moment that ignited a change in the trajectory of my life.

You can learn more about this pinnacle moment in Ignite Love, my best selling book here.